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Alarming statistics on IT equipment theft!

Australian businesses have experienced a 50 per cent surge in the number of IT equipment thefts compared to last year, according to the Kensington Australian Business Security Report 2011 released today (October 6th, 2011). One third of the IT decision makers surveyed had no policy for physical security and about two thirds of employees surveyed … Continue reading

The importance of data backups!!

If you lost all of your business information, would you be able to continue serving your customers? Would you lose money? Could your staff continue working? What about if someone stole your laptop and your personal photos from the last 10 years were on it, could you replace them? The importance of backing up your … Continue reading

Protect your customers’ privacy

If you are sending out emails to multiple recipients at any one time, you will probably want to enter their email addresses’ not into the ‘To’ field of your email but in the ‘Bcc’ field. This means that none of the recipients of the email will see each other’s email addresses. This has many benefits: … Continue reading

What should I expect from my IT provider?

What should I expect from my IT provider? That’s a great question that someone asked us recently so we thought we’d briefly answer it here. Your IT provider should make your life easier in two ways. Firstly we must be able to solve your day to day issues – so when you call us with … Continue reading