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Alarming statistics on IT equipment theft!

Australian businesses have experienced a 50 per cent surge in the number of IT equipment thefts compared to last year, according to the Kensington Australian Business Security Report 2011 released today (October 6th, 2011). One third of the IT decision makers surveyed had no policy for physical security and about two thirds of employees surveyed … Continue reading

Prolong The Life of Your Laptop Battery

Batteries have an expiration date. Their maximum capacity decreases with time and use. Batteries may not last a lifetime but there are some ways to maintain and somewhat prolong its life. Here are some steps you could take: Read your laptop’s manual in order to learn about the proper use and care of your laptop … Continue reading

Buying a laptop? Here are the top 10 considerations.

We at B Technologies are constantly asked to purchase laptops for our clients as they do not know what are the important things to consider during their purchase. Here I will shed some light at the top 10 considerations when deciding on your new laptop. 1. What Do You Need it For? The first and most fundemantel … Continue reading