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Top 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Reluctant To Take On Smarter Technology‏

I’m just a small business. Businesses are dismissing their potential by maintaining the belief that they are too small. The truth is, small businesses should utilize technology to gain competitive advantage. I don’t have the budget. Many small business owners fail to see the benefits investing in new technology will bring in productivity and other … Continue reading

Alarming statistics on IT equipment theft!

Australian businesses have experienced a 50 per cent surge in the number of IT equipment thefts compared to last year, according to the Kensington Australian Business Security Report 2011 released today (October 6th, 2011). One third of the IT decision makers surveyed had no policy for physical security and about two thirds of employees surveyed … Continue reading

Cybercrime cost Australia over $4.5 billion last year

Cybercrime cost Australians just over $4.5 billion last year, as much as burglary and assault. Really big dollar figures for the direct impact of crimes > $1.8 billion lost pretty much out of the Australian Fixing the problems associated with crime adds an additional $2.8 billion or so to that figure which totals to nearly … Continue reading

Your Data at Risk: What Employees Don’t Tell You

The latest survey took place at Infosecurity Europe 2011, where we asked 100 IT professionals some confidential questions about transferring large or sensitive files. • 60% of employees are using personal emails to send sensitive files. Of that, almost 50% said they relied on personal email because the files were too large to send from … Continue reading

FYI on Cloud Computing – Facts & figures

Cloud computing helps lower costs for Australian business: Tecala Summary More than 70 per cent of Australian organisations have recorded cost savings following cloud computing deployments. 95 per cent felt that the benefits of cloud deployment trumped any potential risks, with 26 per cent of business intending to migrate to the cloud by the middle … Continue reading

Details About Cyber Attacks for Businesses & Other Facts/Figures

Survey performed by Applied Research – 3,300 global organizations Details About Cyber attacks for Businesses • Most (92%) saw losses from cyber attacks • Most cases (84%), losses translated into actual costs • Productivity; revenue; lost organizational, customer or employee data; and brand reputation were highest costs • 80% of businesses lost at least $195,000 … Continue reading