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Open any image format with ease

>In our last post we told you about 2 great programs to use to open any video formats but we had a number of enquiries about viewing (and editing) some obscure image files images. Go to http://cnet.co/iE16Mi to download a free product called “IrfanView”. This small program will open / edit images in any file format … Continue reading

Play any video file with ease

>Have you ever struggled to play a video file? You now have two perfect options to solve this problem. Go to http://www.download.com/ and download either one of these free products. Once you have installed them they will play 98% of any video formats you may have. They are: – GOM Media Player – VLC Media … Continue reading

Convert Images Into Formats You Can View With Ease

Today’s post is simple but very useful. Have you ever struggled with an image file that’s in the wrong format? Maybe you could open it or couldn’t view it with the programs you have. Using this FREE online Image Conversion Utility, it’s no longer a problem! VERY simple to use so I’ll let you figure … Continue reading

B Technologies on Dr Marc Dussault’s blog

Recently B Technologies got a mention on the blog of Dr Marc Dussault, THE exponential marketing strategist in Australia. Click on the link below to visit his blog and to find out more about Marc who we consider as one the best things to happen to our business. But that’s not all, you may learn … Continue reading