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TOP 3 Most Anticipated Apple Products!

We’ve already seen some really awesome gadgets this year but it just keeps getting better. Here are the top 3 most exciting Apple products to look out for! 1. Apple iPad 3 I’m sure a lot of apple enthusiast can’t wait to have one of these. Rumor has it that the iPad 3 will have … Continue reading

Managed IT – Making IT work the way you want it to!

B Technologies was featured in the July edition of CRN magazine, a computer sales magazine covering the IT sales channel.  The article focussed on how “Speaking the right language” was key to us maintaining and growing our client base, and there were two key messages that stood out.  Below are some quotes from the article. … Continue reading

3 Quick Tips for Faster Internet Browsing

  1. Check for any programs running in the background Windows is normally set to automatically install updates and it could be currently running in the background. This could be the reason why your browsing speed suddenly became slow. Recommended article : How to check what programs are running in the background 2. Move or Re-position … Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Reluctant To Take On Smarter Technology‏

I’m just a small business. Businesses are dismissing their potential by maintaining the belief that they are too small. The truth is, small businesses should utilize technology to gain competitive advantage. I don’t have the budget. Many small business owners fail to see the benefits investing in new technology will bring in productivity and other … Continue reading