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Sticky Notes – Jot down quick notes and keep it in front of you!

Sticky Notes in Windows 7 can be very handy for jotting down quick important notes you need to remember. Whether it’s a grocery list, a phone number or a link, you can put on a Sticky Note and keep it on your desktop to make sure they are not forgotten. To open Sticky Notes, click … Continue reading

Rotate your screen!

This trick is something you probably wouldn’t use everyday but you’ll never know when this could be really handy. One of my friends suddenly encountered an error while she was working on her computer. She restarted the computer and when it came back on, her screen was completely upside down. It drove her nuts! Since … Continue reading

Close All Open Windows with a Single Click

Don’t you just wish there was a single button you could click to close all open windows on your PC? Here’s the answer to your prayers. Close All Windows is simple utility from NTWind that doesn’t require installation. No settings are stored in the Windows Registry or file system. This program lets you close all running applications … Continue reading

Configuring the programs that run at startup

By default settings, almost all programs that you install in your computer automatically run at startup. This can make the startup process take longer when in reality, we usually don’t need all these programs running at startup. By disabling some programs from starting up when you boot up your computer you can make the startup process … Continue reading