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Which one would you prefer, free or paid antivirus program?

You’ll be surprised by the results of a recent test on the top brands of antivirus software. Apparently, there is a very slight difference between free and paid antivirus programs. The free antivirus option used in this test was able to detect and ward off 95.7 percent of sample infections, compared to 96.2 percent for … Continue reading

Use Shortcuts Instead of File Duplicates

Here’s a quick tip suggested by Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies Creating a shortcut can be very useful. Instead of copying your files on various locations to easily access them, why not create a shortcut instead? A shortcut is an icon used to launch an application, program or files it represents. You can simply … Continue reading

Evernote – Free application every web user could use

Evernote is an awesome tool you can utilize to capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your PC, even when offline. This is perfect for everybody who uses the internet to search for information. You can use Evernote to clip articles, recipes and … Continue reading

Top 3 Useful Computer Tips

1. Avoid processor overheating Advanced processors produce a lot of heat. This is why computers have built-in fans for cooling. Make sure the fan is clean and is working properly so your unit won’t overheat. You can easily tell if the fan is working or not by listening and/or touching your computer.  2. Defragment your disk … Continue reading