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Project Management Tool – AceProject

Here’s another very useful tool you should definitely try. Highly recommended by Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies AceProject is a project management tool that helps organizations get organized using a collaborative approach. Each project can be configured with its own structure, allowing you to manage different types of projects in accordance with your needs. … Continue reading

A free online plagiarism detection tool – Duplichecker

Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies thinks Duplichecker can be very useful!  A free online plagiarism detection tool. You can either paste the article or upload the .txt file to let the tool search the article and find out if it is copied or a unique one. It can use Google, Yahoo and MSN indexer … Continue reading

Convert your files – Zamzar

Here’s another useful tool you can use for free. Strongly recommended by Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies  Ever wondered how to edit a PDF document? Well, you can’t. PDF documents are designed for viewing purposes only. But you can convert it to a word document and then edit it. Zamzar is a free online … Continue reading


Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies thinks that “NameChk“ is another awesome tool you can use. Use NameChk to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of the most popular … Continue reading

LastPass – It’s the password you’ll ever need to remember!

Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies thinks that “LastPass“ is an awesome tool you can to save all your passwords. We all sign up to a lot of different things online. Email accounts like hotmail, gmail and yahoo. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter, and tons more. Eventually, it becomes very difficult to remember … Continue reading

Free online tool – BirthdayAlarm

Balazs Pinter, Director of B Technologies thinks that “BirthdayAlarm.com“ is a great online tool to make sure you never miss birthdays and other important occasions or events. Features of BirthdayAlarm.com Get reminders of your friends’ and family’s birthdays. Reminders for other special occasions Create personalized greeting cards Schedule when the greeting card will be sent … Continue reading

Top 5 Threat Protection Best Practices

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to computer viruses and lost or stolen data, since they typically lack the IT resources to deal with these threats. Inadequately protected computers open the door to annoying infections, or worse, serious business disruption. Below are five simple and effective strategies to help you protect your business against an ever-increasing … Continue reading

Manage tasks using “Remember the milk”

“Remember the milk“ is a very useful tool everyone can use to keep track of all tasks to make sure not a single task is forgotten. It’s an online and offline application that can be used to organize “to-do” lists. Remember the milk features: Manage tasks from anywhere Get email, SMS or IM reminders Share … Continue reading

Traveling? 10 tips to protect your laptop from theft

These days, it seems that just about everybody uses a laptop or notebook computer to get work done away from the office or on the road. Unfortunately, the pervasiveness of laptop computing has made portable systems an easy target for theft. 1. Avoid using computer bags Computer bags can make it obvious that you’re carrying … Continue reading

Buying a laptop? Here are the top 10 considerations.

We at B Technologies are constantly asked to purchase laptops for our clients as they do not know what are the important things to consider during their purchase. Here I will shed some light at the top 10 considerations when deciding on your new laptop. 1. What Do You Need it For? The first and most fundemantel … Continue reading