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Open any image format with ease

>In our last post we told you about 2 great programs to use to open any video formats but we had a number of enquiries about viewing (and editing) some obscure image files images. Go to http://cnet.co/iE16Mi to¬†download a free product called “IrfanView”. This small program will open / edit images in any file format … Continue reading

Play any video file with ease

>Have you ever struggled to play a video file? You now have two perfect options to solve this problem. Go to http://www.download.com/ and download either one of these free products. Once you have installed them they will play 98% of any video formats you may have. They are: – GOM Media Player – VLC Media … Continue reading

Information technology progresses faster than you think

This is a video follow up of the YouTube hit ‘Shift Happens’ with some fascinatings facts about the progression of information technology. Watch the videohere.