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Where has all the space gone on your computer?

You want to find out how much space your music collection is taking up? You want to find out why you can no longer fit downloaded movies onto your harddrive? Here is the answer… You laptop or PC has a certain amount of hard disk space which you can store files on. In a standard … Continue reading

Keeping Microsoft Windows updated is easy, free and important

For Windows users, you should regularly install Microsoft suggested critical updates! If you have a Windows operating system installed on your computer you should ensure that it is set to receive automatic updates as they are released. These updates are released as security and performance issues are identified on a regular basis, so receiving the … Continue reading

9 easy steps to solving any hardware problem

Should your equipment fail to turn on, be recognised by your system, or function properly, follow these 9 easy steps to address some of the most common hardware issues: 1. Determine that equipment has been assembled correctly, by consulting your product manual or referencing the manufacturer’s Web site. 2. Confirm that your device is securely … Continue reading