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Email Tip – Have you ever sent an email to the wrong email address?

When you start typing into the ‘TO’ field of an email, usually the email program you are using will give try to complete the email address that you are typing. So if I start typing ‘D’ for example, I am given the opportunity to select from all the email addresses that I have used before, … Continue reading

What are the differences between CDs and DVDs?

There is a link on Dr Marc Dussault’s blog about what is the difference between CDs and DVDs. This link is to the BigPong Help Centre where there is a full explanation about: – What the main differences are between the two – How much information and what kind of information various CDs and DVDs … Continue reading

Protect your customers’ privacy

If you are sending out emails to multiple recipients at any one time, you will probably want to enter their email addresses’ not into the ‘To’ field of your email but in the ‘Bcc’ field. This means that none of the recipients of the email will see each other’s email addresses. This has many benefits: … Continue reading

Common Internet Error Messages Explained

Sometimes you can find great information to everyday questions in the FAQ section or customer support section of major service providers. If you’re not a BigPond subscriber, you might not have seen this list of common error messages explained – click on the hyperlink below for a list you’ll want to keep handy the next … Continue reading

Protect Yourself From Dangerous Viruses

Several of our clients have found that their computers were infected by a nasty ‘antivirus software’ virus. Read this article to learn how to spot the virus and for tips on how to prevent infection of your systems! Based on initial analysis, this virus arrives mainly via spammed email messages that contain a link to … Continue reading