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How to send large files over the internet

>As a very active IT company we come across many great links to fantastic online services that you probably want to store somewhere for when you need it in the future. Today’s website is http://www.yousendit.com/ and the service they provide is free and very handy. Let’s say you want to send a video to a … Continue reading

B Technologies on Dr Marc Dussault’s blog

Recently B Technologies got a mention on the blog of Dr Marc Dussault, THE exponential marketing strategist in Australia. Click on the link below to visit his blog and to find out more about Marc who we consider as one the best things to happen to our business. But that’s not all, you may learn … Continue reading

Top 20 sites on the Internet

Here is a very interesting list of the Top 20 sites used by all internet users in 2008. Just think about what this could mean for your business? What do they offer that attracts such large number of users? And how do they keep them coming back? – Answers we can help you with. So … Continue reading

Domain Name Registration Tips – What You Should Know

Three things you should know about domain name registrations. #1 if you have good ideas in your head i.e. an internet business – you should think about good domain names and register them. you can go to http://www.melbourneit.com.au/ this is the site we use to look up if a domain name is available. You should … Continue reading


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